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June 26 2017


shout out to the kids who have emotionally abusive parents and can’t get away from those assholes
you are brilliant and worth everything in the world, and just because your parents think you’re not doesn’t mean it’s true
be strong love

irritations currently: too much intense discourse over things that are irrelevant in the long run; medication is going to be sent to the wrong address and i have to try to call the people and have them fix it but they may not be open yet

reblog for jewish & muslim characters


ignore for  christian normativity

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Good job.

A real life Thor

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aggressive affection

a bonus of them as kids:

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I always said he’s IDEAL. Now it’s official! )))) (с)

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Touching Hutt.

Cassian’s one non-rebel dream.

I can’t….

when ur one friend from college is like damn girl u look like trash what is charlottesville doing to you?? and you’re like summer stock man


in loving memory of hozier. he isn’t dead but he hasn’t released an album since 2014 and i love and miss him.

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Scrolling through what’s on Hulu to see if it was worth getting (we already have Netflix) when I saw this. I almost hyperventilated…..guess I’ll give Hulu a try

I feel obligated to warn anyone who comes across this movie to expect a wyld ryde

June 06 2017


character: *has next to no lore or backstory but does canonically have one (1) thing in common with me*


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imagine your otp

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you guys seemed to like the peach/mario alt, so have a matching daisy/weegee :D

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Obi-Wan’s pose™

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when you read that Good Fic

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I haven’t seen anyone on tumblr talk about this yet…

Google now gives you a rainbow when you search a LGBT+ term.

Happy pride month :)

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The Wit and Wisdom of the Champion of Kirkwall 1/?
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A simple guide. 

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