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August 29 2017

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Current mood. 

russian food cat is one of the few things I want to exist on the internet forever for future generations to see

when you say thank you but you really mean “i have never wanted nor have i asked for this in any form, please don’t give me more useless things when you could give me things that will actually improve my life at school, thanks”

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✨ Tricksters ✨

Flowers & blood series to go well with their bloody histories. 

Hal, my inquisitor, gets clematis, which is a trickster flower. (And berries, yum). He’s a blood mage and a Puck figure. 

The Dread Wolf gets snapdragon, the liar flower. And…everyone knows how much blood is on his hands. hehehe

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i’m always confused by rpers on this site because to me the muse is the inspiration not like……. the art (being the character)…. like… y'all do you but i for one am confusion


mmorpg things:

  • the sexual tension between you and the other player completing same questline
  • jumping as valid form of communication
  • urge to wear the butt ugly Rare and/or Old retired gear to show that you are better than everyone else
  • the cryptids that are players who have hit the level cap but their character looks like walking shitpost
  • having to complete missions in middle of place where some people are roleplaying very seriously and u just feel like janitor cleaning stage in middle of play rehearsal as you try to do ur work and move on asap
  • the odd mildly nostalgic feeling of being high level player and watching obviously new players playing the game for first time
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On the set of The Empire Strikes Back

Introverted RAs

"Am I bleeding!? Oh, nope, it's just burnt sienna. We're all good."


-Things you hear in the paint&prop shop

Aw Fuck


Three things I’m glad were not a thing at the same time

- Vine

- Adele’s ‘Hello’ being popular

- the hewwo meme


me: I don’t want to draw because I’m no good

my brain: you have to draw to get better though


August 28 2017

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random qunari babe

hey @staff how come I keep getting recommended a blog I literally have blocked?

When freshman residents try to argue with you about campus policy

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The “Taste” Pins go up in the shop at 6pm PST!! Unfortunately, I’m only shipping to the US and Canada for now. The pins are limited but if they sell out I’ll open up preorders for another run and make it available for international customers to purchase. Please keep a look out for another announcement and more info!

The pins go up in the store here!

Thank you to @skullitagram for taking these dope photos!




A while ago I was lurking on Twitter and saw some film critics having a conversation about the eye lighting in giallo films (which are basically Italian horror and noir films from the ‘60s and ‘70s). Someone pointed out it was the same weird eye lighting they have in TOS. They speculated that it may have come from American noir but no one seemed to know for sure.

I did some research of my own and found out that:

a) It was probably made popular by the 1931 Dracula

b) It is now commonly known as a “Shatner light”

c) A lot of people also associate it with Morticia Addams

For me the real question is: Why on Earh was TOS using the same lighting techniques as horror and noir films?

for the Drama™


today my gf said “when donkey asks shrek what his name is, shrek pauses before he says shrek, and i’m convinced he came up with it on the spot.” we weren’t even talking about shrek. i can’t stop thinking about it or about how lucky i am to be with her

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